Master Deepak Ji – A Vedic Astrologer You Must Know About

Being born as a human, we have to face both positive and negative outcomes of life. While, the positives tend to impart satisfaction and happiness, negatives leave you in distress. In today’s fast growing, technology-ruled generation, it sounds hilarious to blame past Karma and horoscope defects for difficult situations that you face. Despite the denials, you can’t ignore the ill-effects the negative Karma and malefic planets impose on you. In order to lead a smooth life, you need to entrust an expert, who deals in astrology and its allied fields.

A Renowned Expert Vedic Astrologer‎

Master Deepak Ji is renowned personality in the sphere of vedic astrology. Guruji has been blessed with this natural wisdom to analyze your flaws and weak points and deduce a solution that helps you face and overcome the ill-condition.

Assisting his seekers with appropriate solutions and prophecy, He has acclaimed his name around the globe as a ‘dynamic astrologer’. With an aim of serving the humankind,

Guruji has acquired expertise in Vedic Astrology, Numerology, Lal Kitab remedies, Gemstone therapy, Vastu Shastra, Navgraha Puja and Spiritual practices.

To ensure that the seekers attain the most of the benefits from his services, Guruji devoted his childhood and thereafter several years to acquire the skills and principles related to Vedic Astrology and its allied sciences.

Being a renowned name in the field of Vedic Astrology proficiently masters the vast science comprising of 27 constellations encompassing 12 houses, 12 zodiac signs, and 9 planets. It needs a thorough knowledge and skills to understand what each house has in store as a prediction for each individual, each house signifies some peculiarity related to human’s life. He lays an extensive emphasis on the prepared horoscope chart through the study of the planets, their positioning as per time of birth and signs.

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With the constant 20 years of practice and his passion towards serving mankind, Master Deepak  ji has acquired skills and expertise to serve seekers with an impeccable interpretation resulting from comprehensive analyzing of the horoscope chart arrangements.

Master Deepak Ji specializes in various types of Vedic Astrology

  • Siddhanta (Astronomy): Master Deepak Ji masters in astronomy & its relevant fields.
  • Samhita (Mundane Astrology): This branch of Vedic Astrology covered by Deepak Maharaj includes Mundane Astrology, he is recognized for passing the predictions regarding critical events like political affairs, wars, financial conditions, Vaastu Shaastra, climatic calamities and more.
  • Hora (Predictive Astrology): Predictive Astrology can be further divided into sub-categories:
  • Jaatak Shaastra/Hora Shastra (Horoscope): Guruji is blessed with the power to give out the prediction for the individuals after reviewing their horoscopes.
  • Muhurt or Muhurtha (Electional astrology): Guruji forecasts favorable time to start something new to attain most benefits out for that particular activity.
  • Swar Shaastra (Phonetical astrology): For this particular division, Deepak Ji basis his prophecy on name & sounds.
  • Prashna (Horary Astrology): Forecast dependent on the time of query/question by an individual.
  • Ankjyotisha/Kabala(Numerology): Numbers-dependent astrology branch. Numbers decide the fate of an individual.
  • Nadi Astrology: Study that relates to ancient times and has enormous details in the house for the individuals.
  • Tajik Shaastra/ Varshphal (Annual Horoscopy): Guruji thoroughly reviews the annual solar returns to make the predictions in this horoscopy.
  • Nasta Jatakam (Lost Horoscopy): Guruji holds the expertise of tracing / construction of horoscopes that are lost.
  • Streejaatak (Female astrology): Guruji even masters in this exclusive division of astrology that promotes female nativities.

Guruji relates his study of Vedic astrology with Vedas. Master Deepak Ji  Vedic Astrologer states that he studies planets taking into consideration their effect on an individual’s previous life and its impact on the present life, he emphasizes on all Karma, that plays the major role. Detailing about the practice further, Guruji confirmed that as per the Hindu astrology, Saturn is the last planet in line that carries the significance. Other important aspects of the mythology are data, muhurta, prashna, lunar constellation, Varsha phal and harmonic charts.

He strongly claims as Hindu astrology is based on accurate calculations, in terms of predictions over Western astrology. He further added that the validity of these Vedic predictions are based on a time period when a planet is powerful, called dasha. Future comments are based on the analysis and study of dasha of the planets. Similarly, the yearly outcome is predicted by reviewing the position of the star-Sun at the time of an individual’s birth. An individual can rely and trust on the predictions made by him as the results provided are after thorough analysis of each and every aspect.

Astrologer Master Deepak Ji’s Area of expertise:

Vedic Astrology:

Guruji has been practicing the science of Vedic astrology since the past several years. He studies and analyzes the ill-effects of malefic planets on your life and your negative actions in the past and their consequences on your present life. Basing his study on relevant aspects and factors, Master Deepak Ji recommends immediate and effective solutions.

Lal Kitab Remedies:

People around the world believe in the solutions and remedies deduced from the reading of Lal Kitab. However, it needs highly proficient skills to study the Lal Kitab and suggest solutions. Master Deepak Ji is considered as one of the most seeked Jyotish for Lal Kitab Remedies.

Gemstone Therapy:

Gemstones are considered as an effective and easy way to sway the problematic conditions that one is going through. Only a skilled Jyotish can suggest you the correct and effective gem as per your difficulty. Jyotish Guru Master Deepak Ji is a well known and renowned name in the field of Gemstone therapy. Seekers from around the world approach him for remedies related to Gemstone & karmic lessons in numerology.

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Puja Prayer Ceremonies: Offering Prayers to deities at home or in temples is considered as a major event in Hindu rituals. Puja is considered as source to gain positive energies and acquire relief from ill-effects of negative Karma. Prayers are a direct way to connect and communicate with God. Master Deepak Ji carries out several prayer ceremonies that can bring positivity in personal and professional life and other related areas of life.

Personalized Mantras:

Jyotish Guru Master Deepak Ji holds an expertise in judging the planetary positions with respect to time and their impact on your life condition. Guruji suggests effective remedies to solve the situations arising of malefic planets. One of the methods that Guruji suggests is ‘Personalized Mantras’ which simply require the seeker to chant mantras in order to attain the benefit.

Navgraha Meditation:

As per the principles of Astrology nine planets or Navgraha, have a direct impact on the life condition of a human. Vedic Astrologer Master Deepak Ji is an exprt in study of planets in your Kundli and accordingly administer its negative and positive influence. To nullify the negative effect, Guruji suggests remedies which lay beneficial results.

Spiritual Practices:

Jyotish Guru Master Deepak Ji preaches spiritualism as a way to obtain eternity and that peace of mind. He teaches as to how one can connect to the universal powers and acquire positivity in life. Guruji suggests that one can meditate in order to gain happiness and stability in life.

Being an enthusiast from the age of 15, Astrologer Guru Master Deepak Ji has been a seeker to learn more about Astrology. With a keen interest in planets, stars and their role in human life, Guruji became a disciple of his maternal uncle Dr. Harbhajan Singh Mann. Dr. Harbhajan Singh Mann has been known for his practice as an astrologer.

For Guruji, the significance of Astrology was to help find solutions for the sufferings of people. To make sure he leaves no stone unturned, Master Deepak Ji gained formal education in the field of Jyotish Vidya by studying courses related to Astrology and Vastu, including jyotish Ratna, Bhushan, Prabhakar, Vastu Ratna and Shastracharya from All India Federation of Astrologers’ Societies. Simultaneously, he acquired respective degree in the field of education from Government Boys College of Chandigarh.

Jyotish Guru Master Deepak Ji holds a mastery in reading and analyzing the concepts of Lal Kitab. Guruji lends out prophecies based on the conclusions deduced from thoroughly studying the Lal Kitab. He is proficient in taking into consideration all factors going against you and suggesting remedies that help curb your problematic situation. He specializes in undertaking complications related to your personal or professional life, health concerns, family issues or marital incompatibilities.

Learn Steps for Living a Peaceful and Healthy Life.

Apart from giving out personal predictions, Master Deepak Ji has jot down certain works for the betterment of humankind and to help people carry out a peaceful and healthy life. Few of his publications that have gained popularity amongst several people are Divine Vastu Tips and also Yearly prediction 2017. Jyotish Guru will soon be launching his Lal Kitab Deepak.

So as to reach out to more and more people, in order to serve them, Master Deepak Ji has actively been a part of the Radio shows aired in USA since 2010. The residents of California are great followers of Guruji and make sure to listen to the Radio show . In 2007, one of his TV shows was aired on Sahara channel. His latest show Karma Aur Kismat Connection aired on TV ASIA, since 2015, has gained appreciations.

Jyotish Guru Master Deepak Ji has never looked back after being a part of Astrological sciences. He has so far significantly contributed to the society, which has brought about a major difference in the lives of huge number of people.


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