How To Find Your Perfect Soulmate in 2017? ( A Zodiac Guide)

Marriages are made in heaven. How about adding a twist to the fact by finding the perfect match that is compatible, according to your zodiac sign and you make your married life a heaven.

Astrologer Guru Master Deepak Ji suggests that compatibility and understanding between you and your partner are the foremost factors to count on for a successful and healthy married life.

Love can only sustain between a married couple, if they understand, trust and are compassionate about each other. The relation loses its importance once these factors are left unnoticed and unattended.

Renowned Astrologer Master Deepak Ji emphasizes that zodiac signs have an important role to play in the compatibility two people share amongst each other. It is the traits of one sign that matches with the other sign and likewise. Hence, for each zodiac there is a perfect love match. Your Perfect Soulmate in 2017 – Check Sun Sign Compatibility

Check out your astrological sign mentioned below to determine the best match for you.


Strength: generous

Weakness: Short-tempered

Best Match:

Libra: the logic behind this match is simply ‘opposite attracts’. Both the signs are completely opposite to one another. While a Libra will fall for your dynamic and energetic approach, you will madly love a Libra’s calmness. The ultimate result is a balanced relation, where each admires the partner’s nature.

Sagittarius: You are born under a sign that makes you out-going, adventurous and always up for something new. It’s only a Sagittarian’s similar traits that can match you. You guys together can drive anyone and everyone crazy. Together you both will share a vibrant relation, one which is full of excitement.

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Leo: Leo simply possess the energy levels to handle you. Leo is a sign that can actually divert your efficiency levels in the right direction. You are simply gonna enjoy being in the limelight, while sharing a healthy relation with a Leo.


Strength: creative

Weakness: Exaggerative

Best Match:

Virgo: For you, commitment and maturity are must for the sustenance of a relation. People born under the Virgo sign believe in the same. Similar thoughts and criteria for a bond, signifies you both will not keep the other waiting for a decision or answer. You both will be the best amongst all to discuss over any sort of issue concerning your relation.

Cancer: You both are the so called ‘comfort lovers’. You and a Cancerian both believe in living life at ease and peace. You don’t bother wearing a nightsuit and going out for a f*cking party. As a pair you simply know how to chill in life and make the best of it. You guys understand each others feelings. Your interests are almost similar. You are going to drive each other crazy and enjoy each moment of life.

Capricorn: You will enjoy a very stable and healthy relationship with a Capricorn. Capricorns can be an ideal partner for lifetime. They will value your feelings and emotional side that will ultimately satisfy you.


Strength: intellectual

Weakness: hate routines

Best Match:

Aquarius: ‘Exciting’ would be the sole word that would explain your relation with an Aquarius. You both relish the same interests, then be it long conversations, respecting each other’s personal space, exploring new ventures. You might not prefer the clingy approach of other signs, however, spending time with an Aquarius, is what is going to sway you away.

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Sagittarius: You both together are gonna rock the party. Your dynamic and energetic attitude towards life is what is going to set both of you, together as a couple, on fire. The relation will be all about fun and those picture-perfect moments. You both share common intellects, hence, no problem goes unsolved from your end.

Libra: A Libra is going to amaze you with their admiration for art, cultural activities and most of all being a party freak. A Libra will trust you like anything, so don’t bother if they see you out with someone of opposite sex. You might have to explain but they will understand without creating any fuss.


Strength: romantic

Weakness: obsessive

Best Match:

Scorpio: You are someone who is straightforward. If you like someone, they know it and if someone is not worth your importance, even then, they know it. Scorpions are likewise, they feel for you, they will speak it loud to you. You both possess the heat to keep the relation burning. You both will care for each other and turn out to be marvellous partners.

Capricorn: There is a special sort of balance that you both know how to maintain perfectly. You both will never let the excitement between you to vanish. Capricorns will make sure their soft attitude doesn’t bore you, while, you will take care that their sensitive approach remains intact.

Pisces: Pisces will be the best people standing next to you, understanding your dominance and caring nature. You don’t need to worry about your feelings, when you are in a relationship with a Pisces, they will make sure you are not hurt by any means.


Weakness: over-powering

Best Match:

Aries: You both share that confident attitude towards life, that daring nature and that sense of responsibility. Your common traits are going to act in favor of your relation. You both will fall for the charm and appealing nature of the other. You both tend to walk on the positive path of life.

Sagittarius: You both understand what the other person wishes to convey. You both agree to a common solution for a problem. A Sagittarian will always support your philosophy of life and tend to comfort what’s best for you.

Aquarius: You both simply can’t ignore the attraction towards each other. You both can sit and consider several characteristics that are common amongst you. You both aim high, want to achieve big. However, the only aspect uncommon is the approach that you both follow.


Strength: knowledgeable

Weakness: finicky

Best Match:

Taurus: You are simply going to be swayed by the generosity a Taurus carries. You will love as to how they will handle and take care of your interests. You both will make a good bond as time progresses.

Capricorn: You both have one thing in common, you guys are tactful. You both simply know how to get tasks accomplished on a good note. You simply know how to drive your teams to work hard in order to achieve that problematic project. This common trait is gonna do wonders for your relation.

Pisces: You both admire the traits that the other person possess. While you respect a Pisces simple and easy to go nature, they appreciate you for your ethics at work. You both are well aware as to how to take care of the other person and also people who you cherish in your life. You both will sync in very well.


Strength: peaceful

Weakness: diplomatic

Best Match:

Gemini: You both are going to admire the social skills each of you possess. As you both love being socially active, you are going to pair up strong. While you know how to build new relations at social end, a Gemini will assist you well with their skills in keeping the relations intact. Your pair is simply going to do wonders for you both.

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Aries: You are opposites but you both will still relish each other’s company. This is what is going to lay the foundation of your relation. You simply can’t resist the confident aura of an Aries, while they can let go your soft nature. There are possibilities of love at first sight. Relish your moments.


Strength: good observers

Weakness: indecisive

Best Match:

Aquarius: You have completely different approach to look at life, you both are like two ends of a pole. But if you both become partners, you form a bond unlike any other in the group. You both compliment each other on your strengthens and make the other act on their weakness.

Cancer: You are someone who would ask for their partner’s attention every minute, their love, concern and that special feeling is what you always live for. It’s only a Cancerian that can live up to your expectations when it comes to a relation.

Pisces: A Pisces will always respect the differences that you both have. They will never interfere in your personal space. Rather, they will happily let you lead the relation and go according to your wishes.


Strength: adventurous explorers

Weakness: carry least details

Best Match:

Aries: You simply can’t stand boring people. You need someone full of energy and spark. So an Aries can handle your energetic and dynamic nature, as they are the same. Together you both are like those crazy animals in the zoo, who just care about fun and enjoyment.

Gemini: You both love to explore and travel. You can spend months not being at home but just to travel. But that no way means you both gonna miss the drive to the nearest newly opened restaurant or amusement park.

Leo: Leo is someone that can stand next to you, in and out. They have the ability to bring out what you are capable of. They will support your adventurous spirit, while motivate you to achieve something big. You both as a couple will enjoy the practical and fun side of life on a whole.

Aquarius: You both welcome change. And this spirit is going to hold you together. While an Aquarian will love your adventurous side, you will adore their uniqueness.


Strength: Wise

Weakness: moody

Best Match:

Cancer: You both share a relation that works for the betterment of the other. You are not expressive, but a Cancerian will comfort you with their nurturing nature, so as to help you speak your heart out. You both word hard, put in all your efforts and then rest. You compliment each other, helping the other to aim high and put in their best to deliver splendid results.



Strength: Friendly

Weakness: stubborn

Best Match:

Scorpio: A Scorpion will never ever give up on you. You both together can unlock several secrets of each other’s life and also to lead a successful life. A Scorpion will be enchanted by your interests and love your passion for them.

Sagittarius: You both are always looking forward to bring about a change. Socially adventurous, both of you can be creatively smart, fun to be together and even live up to each other even when you are up with nothing.


Strength: Emotional

Weakness: Hard to understand

Best Match:

Cancer: You need a partner that possess the following traits, empathy and are emotional. A Cancerian will well suit your criteria. They can support you in every aspect then be it listening to you or adoring you. You will turn out to be a good couple.

Taurus: You both will share a warm and healthy relation. You both will support each other and be sensitive for each others emotions. You can act as the sole motivation for Taurus people.

First Impressions vs. Once You Get To Know Them

(check rising and sun)

Aries – outgoing and a bit blunt but overall friendly // hot headed and adventurous, really enthusiastic

Taurus – sUPER quiet and kind of a smart ass when they do talk // reliable, always there when you need them the most, a little possessive and greedy sometimes

Gemini – talkative and fun but sorta dramatic // really witty, lively and adaptable, sort of cunning and superficial

Cancer – sensitive and super sweet, kinda timid // emotional, ultimate protector, can be clingy and touchy at times

Leo – cocky, outgoing, passionate // loves to help, encouraging friends, sometimes a little pompous and patronizing

Virgo – quiet and professional // modest and shy, intellectual, over critical at times and a bit of a perfectionist

Libra – friendly and charming, happy person // easygoing people, super charming, kinda indecisive and gullible

Scorpio – quiet and thoughtful, a lil mysterious // determined and powerful people, always looking for a good time, a bit obsessive and resentful

Sagittarius – funny and opinionated, stubborn // optimistic and good-humored, very honest, irresponsible and restless

Capricorn – competitive know-it-alls // patient and careful, VERY ambitious and sometimes humorous, pessimist, hold a grudges for FOREVER

Aquarius – easygoing but mysterious // friendly and loyal friends, independent, unpredictable and sort of detached

Pisces – sweet and shy, soft // compassionate, selfless and sensitive, secretive and weak-willed – source:

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