Blue Sapphire Gemstone Effects & Benefits Infographic

blue_sapphire_astrology gemstone benefits

Astrological Gemstones have a peculiar importance in Vedic astrology and are used from ages to get relieved from the problems caused by malefic planets. According to Vedic Astrologer Master Deepak Ji, all the nine planets in the universe are represented by the 9 special gemstones. These gemstones have colors as emitted by their representative planet.

What is Blue Sapphire stone?

Blue Sapphire Gemstone is the most powerful gemstone amongst all and is related to planet Saturn. The Saturn is the slowest planet in the solar family. It takes about two and a half year to traverse a zodiac sign. Saturn is ruled by Lord Shani and Blue Sapphire is recommended to heal Saturn if it is a deity planet in your horoscope. Lord Shani is known for his strict Justice. He punishes or rewards an individual based on his deeds.

 Blue Sapphire Gemstone INFOGRAPHIC


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