Magical Power Of Colors In Vastu Shastra

Colors play very important role in Vastushastra. Jyotish Guru Master Deepak Ji is of the view that colors influence our mind, soul and heart. Colors also have the capacity to bring in positivity or negativity in our lives.

Colors affect various domains of our life – world, food, clothing, the living place, transportation, education and recreation. Colors also can harmonize and balance our energy and thus improve our life and destiny. Out of the balance and harmonizing of positive and negative forces arises energy; the most essential feature of life and human energy is greatly affected by color. Colors play a vital role in influencing Vastu Shastra to a greater extent.

Vastu shastra has set a basic rules about colors following these basics of colors in your home or office will keep you prosperous and positive says Master Deepak Ji.

Firstly you should know the meanings of colors as per Vastu shastra.


Blue is the color of spring, and new commencements.


Green signifies optimism and courage. Green color offers therapeutic healing, synchronization and peace, and a virtuous atmosphere.


Yellow indicates insight, knowledge and endurance.


Orange represents supremacy and religiousness. This color inspires pleasure, hopefulness, vigorous relationships, and much more.


Red represents authority and courage; it has stimulating quality attached to it, which may get overwhelming.


Purple represents faith and belief and it makes the surroundings calm and peaceful.


Pink is a color of contentment, pleasure and transparency.


White is an elegant color of peace, purity and wisdom and brings in lot of positivity, which looks good when combined with other colors.


Black and shade of Blacks are negative colors which represents deficiency and dearth.

colorful_spiral_by_ollylove-d5j6titColors, Directions and Planets






































Pink, Coral Red









Shades of Yellow, Cream









All shades of Green









Silver White











North-West Moon

colorful_spiral_by_ollylove-d5j6titColors for house

Vastu Colors for Home

Color Rooms
Pink , Light Green, Light Blue Bedroom
Yellow, Green, Blue, Beige And Tan Living Room
White, Orange, Yellow, Rose Pink, Red And Chocolate Kitchen
White, Mixture Of White And Black, Gray Colors, Pink And Other Pastel Colors Bathroom
Green, Pink And Blue Dining Room

You can use various different colors to create a pleasant ambiance and for enhancing the look of your home.

BED ROOM – Pink color and its shades are idyllic for bedroom rooms as the keep your room peaceful and brings good sleep. The secondary colors of bed room can be brown and light blue. For children’s bedroom you can use green.


PUJA ROOM – Puja room should ideally be orange or yellow.


DRAWING ROOM OR LIVING ROOM – They can have the yellow, light orange or beige color.


DINING ROOM – It is good to have blue, green and pink color in dining room.

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KITCHEN– Brown, beige, cream, off white, white, yellow or orange are good for kitchen.

STUDY ROOM – Green is ideal for study rooms and it increases concentration.


BATHROOM & TOILETS – They should be white, light grey or any pastel shades.

Staircase Colors:

Having light colored staircase in a home is very good as per vastu shastra. While coloring staircases in your home, please avoid using red, black or any dark color.
You might be aware that NW is one of the best location to make a staircase in your home and from the previous section of the article you can relate that the best color for NW of the house is white. Hence, white (it’s shades) and other light colors are best suited for a staircase in a home

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Car Parking or Garage Colors:

White, cream, yellow and other colors in light shades are good for car parking or garage in your home. Also, make sure that the garage is as per vastu shastra astrology; more about car parking vastu

The colors we select bear an unusual responsibility as they affect our inward characteristics and change our approach towards life. Henceforth choosing a color as per directions of planets will reap a best results in terms of health, wealth, peace & prosperity.

Follow the simple color Vastu and stay blessed with Master Deepak ji. Know more about Master Deepak Ji at Mahakaal Living.





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