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Sky TV Apps

Sky+ app is the best way to discover and manage all of your Sky TV and movies. You can connect directly to your Sky+HD box in-home to browse all of our content, set downloads and recordings and manage your planner. You can also set downloads, recordings and series links when you’re out and about so you never miss a thing.


All the problems related to your Sky Tv App, can be solved by getting in touch with the Sky customer services support department. The Sky Tv app is best for those people who are not at their home and still want to access tv episodes on the go. Don’t forget to call at Sky Tv Apps contact number at the opening timings which is from 8:30 am to 11:30 pm.  The Sky app is available for Android as well as Apple iOS users. With this app, one can easily record and view their favourite programmes on their wireless devices. In case of any problem, feel free to contact Sky customer service executives.

Accessing Your Sky Planner

After downloading the Sky Tv app on your smartphone you need to connect it to your Sky+HD box to access the Planner. First thing you need to do is click on the Planner icon by launching your Sky Tv app. Then your phone will search the box, once shown you can easily access your Sky Planner. To view your recordings in the chronological order, you have to tap it twice. In order to function it properly, make sure that your device and the box is connected to the same wifi connection.

Use Phone As A Remote Control

With this app, you can easily use your phone as a remote control. After signing into the app, you need to rap the remote control icon located on the navigation bar. If you select any channel within the Tv guide, then also your device will start working as a tv remote.


Sky Tv App For Android Users

‘People use their phones as a one-stop-shop to manage virtually every aspect of their lives – whether organising their diary, checking their bank balance or paying bills – so why not use it to control their TV too?’ said Luke Bradley-Jones, Sky’s Brand Director, TV Products.

If you are using an android version 2.2 or above, then it is easily downloadable on your smartphone. After downloading the app on your smartphone, you can easily access the tv guide or Planner. Whether it is recording or viewing the recordings, all can be controlled by using the Sky Tv app on your phone. To start functioning, you will require a Sky iD username and password. In case of any problem it is best to use the Sky phone number to get in touch with the technical support department.

Having received great feedback about these features when we introduced them to the Sky+ app for iPad earlier this year, it’s great to now be making them available on iPhone too, which is obviously the ideal size for use as a remote control.’

The app now also offers Sky TV customers full access to their Sky+ planner through their iPhone, meaning that people can browse all their existing recordings on their set-top box, as well as set up and delete recordings on their planner – all without interrupting viewing on the main TV.

Sky’s apps have already proved a huge success.

Launched in 2009, the Sky+ app has been downloaded more than 5 million times and now attracts an average of more than 1.2 million unique users each month, the broadcaster said.


Sky Tv App For iOS Users

Residents of UK and Ireland can download the app straightaway if they are using iOS 5 or above. Download the app from the Apple App store and once downloaded, start using it by entering  your Sky iD username and password.

Your device will act as  a tv remote once you enter your Sky login details. In case when you forget your Sky iD or having trouble with the Sky Tv app, try giving a call on the Sky Tv apps contact number.

Enhanced Features of Sky Tv Apps

The users will require a compatible Sky + HD box to use the enhanced app features. The Sky box should also be connected to the broadband either through wifi or through ethernet cable. Make sure that the phone should also be connected to the same broadband network for proper functioning.

Users can easily download the selected On Demand programming on their box. And only after that they can use the device as a remote control. Make sure that the Sky box and your device should be in sync with the same broadband network in for accessing tv guide and using it as a remote control.

Browse or search On Demand’s massive TV Library to discover hours of unmissable entertainment. Plus, there are hundreds of movies to choose from if you have Sky Movies.

Connect the Sky+ app to your home broadband network and your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch will quickly become an indispensable part of your On Demand experience.

Sky On Demand TV streaming services

Sky customers can now access even more catch up TV content than before, thanks to an improved Sky+ homepage that makes finding On Demand content easier and faster. We’re here to help you get to grips with all the features of your Sky+ HD box and the shows, movies and channels it has to offer.

What do I need to get started with Sky On Demand?

To start enjoying Sky On Demand services, including Catch Up TV, you will need:

  • A Sky digital TV package that includes a Sky+ HD set top box
  • A broadband service (you will need to link up your set top box to your internet connection to access Sky On Demand).
  • Either an Ethernet cable or an On Demand Wireless Connector for your Sky set top box (sold seperately)

There are full chances that you might face problems with your Sky tv services. In that case it is better to consult with Sky customer services team instead of trying yourself and messing the whole situation. The trouble is mostly technical so in that case Sky always recommend their customers to reach out to them. Use the Sky tv contact number to get the problems solved of your Sky Tv.

The support is not only available for bad signal but also service outages. One can use the Sky phone number to know about the outages in advance. The Sky representative will also tell you about when the outage will end and also notify you in advance if they are going to perform a maintenance work in your area. Service installation and tech visit can be also scheduled on the official webpage or by contacting Sky for free from your Sky talk phone.


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